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Solis Drum Pendant Light

Carmine Deganello


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The Solis Drum Pendant is the latest addition to the elegant Solis suspension family. Featuring a uniquely engaging blend of light and shadow, Solis Drum is made of laser cut polyester fabric combined with an aluminum top and bottom ring construction that allows the shade to hang under tension. Solis Drum also employs a stunning LED dome diffuser that spans the diameter of the top ring, radiating light down and sideways to cast shimmering warm patterns onto the space that surrounds it. The effect is a sense of weightlessness that invites a new kind of relationship with the light source. Solis works perfectly over a dining table, entryway or in large groupings. Solis Drum is a true showstopper. With both a 24" and 36" model, Solis Drum can be hung individually or in bold groupings to set the mood in any space: residential, hospitality, or commercial. Solis Drum's high powered LED diffuser is remarkably bright, producing 2500 lumens for the 24" and 5600 lumens for the 36" model.

Measurements: W 24” X H 10”
Measurements: W 36” X H 12”

Materials: Nickel Chrome Steel, High Output LED Array, Acrylic Diffuser, Shades in White, Silver, or Black, Dimmable

Carmine Deganello received his design degree from Florence’s ISIA in 2002. Based in Amsterdam and Milan, he works as a product and architectural designer. His empirical, highly experimental approach takes materiality and the creative process as his starting point and focus. Research on materials and the ways in which this can unexpectedly drive the productive process is always a crucial aspect of his work. Deganello’s projects have been presented, among others, at the Triennale Design Museum as part of the New Italian Design show and at the MAK Museum for applied and contemporary art in Vienna

Solis Drum Pendant Light


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