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Sun Pendant Light

Seth Grizzle and Jonathan Junker


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The Scraplight Sun Series takes the beauty, function, and versatility of the popular Scraplight classic series to the next level in terms of sheer size and presence. The Sun pendant lights feature durable dark steel frames and handmade recycled cardboard shades. With multi-socket lamping assemblies and sandblasted tempered glass diffusers, the Scraplight Sun series provides warm, ample up and down lighting. All Scraplights are treated with an environmentally friendly, no-burn fire retardant and are designed to perform flawlessly in both commercial applications and residential projects.

Measurements: W 32" X H 28"
Measurements: W 48" X H 42"

Materials: Handmade Shade in Natural or White, Powder Coated Ceiling Tray, Bulbs: E26, 60 Watts, Not Included

This product has a 4 week lead time. 

Architects Seth Grizzle and Jonathan Junker introduced their flagship line of pendant lights made entirely of repurposed corrugated cardboard in 2007. Their Scraplights quickly became a prime example of the principles that Graypants embodies to this day – responsible design, responsible materials, and responsible production. In 2012, their Amsterdam studio was founded to become a hub for local European production and distribution to over forty countries and has partnered with social works programs to provide craft-based work where needed the most. Today, Graypants continues to expand its custom portfolio, from architectural installations to public artworks, and has numerous product lines sold throughout the world. The range of their work is comprehensive, covering residential and commercial lighting, furniture, packaging designs, and architecture.

Sun Pendant Light